Sunday, July 31, 2011

When GOD doesn't provide

If you say the phrase “God will provide” in the Downs house, you’ll likely get your mouth taped shut.  Not by me, but by my wife: she’s the pragmatist.  “God doesn’t pay the electric bill!” she’ll retort.

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why is bad meat cheap?

Walking toward the back of Kroger to buy some ground beef, one notices very quickly that the expensive stuff is on the left and degrades as you move to the right.

  • On the far left is Laura’s Lean Beef. It is organic and farm-raised, and 93% fat free. It is $5.49 per pound.
  • To it’s right is lean beef, 93% fat free. Who knows where it’s from: $4.49 per pound.
  • Next is ground sirloin at 90% fat free. It claims to be Angus: $4.69 per pound.
  • Then there’s ground round at 85% fat free. Doesn’t make any claims: $3.99 per pound.
  • Then ground chuck at 80% fat free. Yum: $3.39 per pound
  • And of course, there’s hamburger at 75%. That tasty stuff is ¼ fat (or at least I hope that’s what makes up that 25%): On sale for$2.58 per pound. Or $2.38 if you buy it in a tube!

As I am staring at these choices and thinking about the cost and the benefits, I also notice the other option. Sitting at the bottom is a massive foam package of pounds and pounds of hamburger…

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